Information re-use

The public sector is the largest manufacturer and provider of information. Institutions of the public sector collect, store, process, use and provide informatikon in many fields: government, public administration, economics, geography, weather, tourism, business, education, health, social affairs, etc. Public sector information is a valuable information resource to be used in the private sector for creating new business, improving services and products value by using ICT.

The use of collected information by natural and legal persons for commercial or non-commercial purposes is a re-use of public sector information.

ISDC, acting in this area:

  • prepared amendments to the Law of the Republic of Lithuania to have the right to receive information from state and municipal institutions in order to harmonise Lithuanian law with the European Parliament and Council Directive regulating the re-use of public sector information;
  • by preparing and coordinating the legislation governing the informatikon resources of state development and utilisation, seeks to implement the right of natural and legal persons to receive and re-use public sector informatikon for its business.
Last updated: 15-04-2015