The objective of e-inclusion is the elimination of differences in using ICT, its availability, affordability and ability between social groups of the population, to promote both inclusive ICT and to create favourable conditions for business in this area. The aim is to help more people in Europe, regardless of their age, sex, education, income, geographical location, physical disability, to use the opportunities provided by ICT and to create access for all people who wish to participate fully in the informatikon society.

One of the areas of e-inclusion is e-accessibility: the use of ICT-based opportunities for the disabled to participate fully in economic, social and community activities. The main task is to adapt the online environment for people with disabilities.

Working in this area, ISDC:

  • has prepared the mandatory requirements, approved by the Lithuanian Government, for all public administration offices, state enterprises, state- owned public institutions to adapt their web sites for people with disabilities;
  • has prepared methodological recommendations for development, testing and assessment of the web sites adapted for disabled people.
Last updated: 15-04-2015