ISDC mission and priorities

Since its establishment on 1 July 2001, the Information Society Development Committee under the Ministry of Economy (ISDC) has been participating in the process of shaping state policy in the development of information and communications technologies in Lithuania and coordinating its implementation.

The mission of the Committee is to plan, organise and coordinate processes of the development of information society aimed at creating an open, educated and continuously learning society, members of which rely on knowledge and have an opportunity and capability to make effective use of modern ICT in all their fields of activity.

The strategic objective of the Committee is to strive for the creation of a modern information society, members of which rely in their activities on information, knowledge and possibilities provided by the state-of-the-art technologies, in Lithuania.

ISDC priorities

  • To maintain and improve IPPAIS and expand its infrastructure for transferring public and administrative services to the electronic environment and their provision.
  • To participate in the development of the state information resources management regulation and coordinate its implementation.
  • To ensure efficient use of the state budget for information sočiety development projects by combining different funding sources – EU Structural Funds support, co-financing and public investment programmes.
Last updated: 02-10-2018